Venturing into Something New

Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible;
and suddenly you are doing the impossible.
- Francis of Assisi

What to expect?

Hot yoga is a lot like regular yoga, except it’s practiced in a sauna-like studio heated to around 38 - 40°C. Our yoga room is equipped with far infrared heaters that gently heats up the space, this allows you to have a pleasant practice and at the same time hot enough to demand you to go deeper in your postures. The heat detoxifies, cleanse and heal your body during the practice. And by the way, in case you are wondering, far infrared heat is 100% safe!

You will be sweating, A LOT! If you are new to hot yoga, or just haven’t had a chance to get to class in a while, you may experience some dizziness or nausea but these symptoms will pass. Always pace yourself and take a resting pose whenever you need, especially if these symptoms occur or if you are feeling overheated. Allow your body to acclimatize to the heat in the room and let your body and mind connect to listen to what is best for you in that moment.

Drink a lot of water throughout the day before coming for class. Coming to class well hydrated will be the most beneficial for you. During class, take small sips of water whenever you body tells you you need it. But keep in mind, when you sweat, you loose minerals and salts that need to be replenished. Cramping is a sign of low potassium and headaches are quite often a sign of dehydration. Here's a tip, bring your water bottle added with lime and a little salt to class and your body will thank you for it.

As a first timer, you’re going to be engaging muscles that don’t get worked in other forms of exercise and so you will probably have to take more breaks than the people around you who may have been doing it for years. Be kind to yourself and lay down on the mat or rest in childs pose when you need to. There are first timers in almost every single class, so don’t feel nervous or out of place. Everyone around you has gone through their first class too.

Yoga Etiquette

Arrive to class early
For your first class you’ll need to sign a waiver, therefore do check in at least 15 minutes before class begins. Arriving early will also give you a chance to relax your mind before starting class. Late comers are not allowed in.

Mobile phones to remain in the locker
Mobile phone is not friends with heat, therefore please leave your mobile phone/tablets in the locker.

Respect other practitioner's space
Yoga is a personal self-study practice; therefore we ask that you please refrain or minimize chatting in the room to ensure everyone has a chance to focus on his or her body and breath. The teacher is available to assist where needed. While waiting for class to commence and there is a class in session, please remain silent or speak softly to allow class participants to comfortably complete their practice with minimal distractions.

Basic hygiene
Please observe basic hygiene when attending yoga class. When possible, refrain from perfumes and oils as many people are allergic or sensitive to smells. Just like natural body odors, these artificial odors will be intensified by the heat of the practice. Also, you may consider bringing your own yoga mat and towel; it is more personal and hygienic. If you use one of the studio mats please wipe it down with one of our disinfectant wipes.

Last 5 minutes of each class
The final pose of any yoga class is one of deep restoration, Savasana. This resting pose takes your yoga practice to a place where you can completely let go. It allows you to absorb the benefits of all the postures you have done, therefore please remain in the room to enjoy this final relaxation pose, your instructor will guide you in and out from it - and all it requires is 5 minutes (or sometimes more - it's good for you!).